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With the implementation of latest technologies, automation and innovative ideas, warehousing has undergone a paradigm shift to achieve ease of operation and perfection. The always alert warehousing personnel get to talk to spare parts on daily basis, to ensure the house keeping, binning, and stock arrangement is in order. An integrated inventory accounting systems (IIAS-WMS) is used for online updations of transactions provided by MNC-LLP or in our ERP.Packing with tamper proof packing materials over a ESD station  including labelling  and special instructions (FIFO/Shelf Life).

The adaptation of Barcode technology has resulted in 100% accuracy in terms of spare parts transaction (100% inbound & outbound) and documentation including PI, daily cycle count, perpetual stock taking based on ABC-XYZ analysis.

In order to offer any benefit of leveraging, Rolex Logistics can outsource such warehousing, distribution network to any Lead Logistics Providers such as DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT etc.. if the exclusivity is not a concern to the Client.

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