Trade Logistics

We may handle for specific clients stocking and selling as consignment agent in various parts of the country. In such cases the imports are stocked in our custody and as and when an order received as advised by the MNC, we raise  sales bills , deliver and collect sales proceeds with tax and our nominal service charges to further transfer the funds to the MNC as per export invoice on us with RBI approvals periodically through which we retain all customs duty, taxes, warehousing, distribution, tax and our service charges meeting all  statutory compliance and as per the agreed terms with the MNC.

A MNC client wishing to sell its products in India can do so without it’s presence in India by using   our services.

We can import the products by using our IE code, Custom clear using CHA either identified by us or as designated by the MNC, transport using ITC transportation facility ,stock in ITC’s warehouse where we have our registration and sell or get just in time to the customers as identified by the MNC.

We will raise a Tax invoice on the customer deliver the product/s using ITC’s transportation facility. Collect payment from the customers as per the credit period agreed as advised by the MNC client, retain Customs Duty/CHA Fees/VAT/CST/ST/LBT/Transportation Charges etc.. payable, our service charges and excess margin if any and remit only the import Commercial invoice value to the MNC Client.

VAT/CST/ST/LBT etc.. will be discharged by us as  per the due dates and we will raise invoice for our service charges and adjust the invoice amount out of the collections . Excess margin if any can be utilisted towards training and marketing services after prior approval by the MNC.

Any payment to MNC will be only against amount received from their customers. In the event of delay in payment by the customer/s , MNC client should make necessary arrangements through ITC  to pay us for discharging statutory liabilities.

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