Repairs and Maintenance

Hardware technology parks are the future trends in the sub-continent, opening the doors for the MNCs to set up cost-effective, manufacturing  and repair units. The products sold in India demands quality oriented timely service. Given the specifications of international standards, Rolex Logistics through its prior experience is capable of establishing highly sophisticated and cost-effective technical repair centers to turnaround the defectives  collected  out of spares replaced at customer site, to avoid cost on re-export repair return and most importantly cost saved on freight, insurance and  by saving time to re-import . MNCs are expected to impart training to the engineers, enabling Rolex Logistics to achieve qualified service levels as per ISO standards. It can generate valuable reports in terms of failure trend analysis as input feed back to  prevent recurrence of products/spare failure. Rolex Logistics has already  successfully  established units for few MNCs which includes, clean and spacious air conditioned workspaces, ESD tables, test jig tables oscilloscopes, logic analyzers and digital Multimeters, temp controlled SMC solder and de- soldering stations.

For any high value debug and spare part replacement, repairs,  Rolex Logistics can arrange state of the art high level repair facilities BGA machines, Logic Analyser, ETU's to undertake chip level repair of multi layer printed circuit boards having SMC components mounted.

RRR Rolex Logistics is keen to recommend Repair, Re-use, Recycle high level spare parts.




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