Import & Export (IOR/EOR)

On case to case basis Rolex Logistics  can also work out projects for huge imports and export on behalf of its clients with clear MoU. Rolex Logistics will provide the relevant services to enable ease of transactions without any legal hassles, facilitating quick time –to-market solutions. This gives an edge to bank upon Rolex Logistics on long-term synergetic business relationship, as MNC can bank on Rolex Logistics meeting all statutory Compliance up to date and keep record maintenance for 8 years. This IOR / EOR services have given significant benefits to few MNC's in terms of saving time, costs etc.. and also  penetrating Indian market.

MNC can provide post sales part support to it’s customers in India and also trade it’s products without having to register under any regulation in India ,by utilising IOR/EOR services provided by Rolex Logistics . Rolex Logistics IOR/EOR services in India for MNCs will enable to achieve better TAT.

It may be noted that Rolex Logistics stood as one among top 10 Importer in Delhi customs in paying high customs duty during 2010-11 and 2011-12. Rolex Logistics is  a  LTU in the state of Maharashtra, due to discharging high value sales tax for Post sales product/part delivery to MNC's  customers.

Foreign Trade Warehousing Zone  (FTWZ) : Rolex Logistics has tied up with Arshiya International for one of its MNC's to facilitate holding stocks in the Indian Land without payment of customs duty at the time of importation and storing in FTWZ. Customs duty is discharged only on requirement of spare part when moved out of FTWZ to other stocking locations in DTA or to the End customers. This helps MNC's to better TAT and also minimize outflow of funds. Another significant advantage MNC's can avail is using FTWZ as a hub for movement of their stocks in Asia at short notice and return of any stocks which are non moving stocks back to MNC's abroad without payment of customs duty in India.


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