HR Management


Rolex Logistics is an equal opportunity employer and a statutorily compliant business unit, meeting all the state and central Governments statutory requirements. Through years of experience the company has evolved through ethical human resource practices which  is one of the major strengths of the company.

The team of highly qualified and experienced professionals render quality services through transparency and achieve the desired goals on time. In recognition and appreciation of skill set in employees of Rolex Logistics, MNCs employ / hire  professionals from Rolex Logistics to manage their long term business assignments with utmost confidence. There are many instances where MNC’s have lauded the performance of our employees through rewards and direct benefits.

Few of our senior staff were deputed to head small teams, and upon request few have been shifted to MNC roles as managers helping MNC clients with ready skilled managers trained by Rolex Logistics.

We have all the requisite registrations and licences required under labor laws such as registration under ESIC,PF,PT,Trade and Labor.

Utmost care is taken for enhancing the bandwith of each employee and minimising attrition.




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