RMA Management

RMA Management/Post Sales part replacement

On every sale a  MNC is generally obligated  to provide post sales support services during warranty/ post warranty including to those customers who sign maintenance contract.

For providing post sales support to it’s customers in India a MNC enters into an agreement with a service partner  who has the technical expertise in repairing / replacing the products or its spares. And to handle delivery of the required spares/replacement units as per the agreed SLA with the customer, the MNC enters into an agreement directly with us for logistics services to provide end to end solutions for spares/ replacement unit support to the MNC’s customers in India or may engage an ITC (International Transport Company) to handle a part of the services in closing  the  ‘ total transaction cycle’.

MNC may enter into an agreement with the ITC for providing services of International Freight, Customs Clearance through the ITC’s CHA (Customs House Agent), Warehousing Pan India and local transportation and simultaneously enter into an agreement with us to cover statutory requisites for import/export , storage and distribution of their spares / Replacement units under our registrations.

Engaging us enables a MNC to address requirement of license for import  / export /re-export and  registrations under various state VAT laws for delivery of  spares/ replacement units to it’s customers in India meeting  required statutory compliance  and as per  the agreed SLA  with their customer.

Every requirement under  different regulations  in India are taken care by us for import of Spares/ replacement units FOC (Free of Cost) in advance , stocking in strategic locations to meet the committed TAT with the customers, collection of defectives and export to the MNC, FOC (Free of Cost) after obtaining GRW (Guaranteed  remittance waiver).

The advantage we provide to a MNC is that they can handle the entire spectrum of post sales part support to their customers in India, without the MNC having to register under any statute in India.

MNC’s call centre guided by customer service division would ascertain whether a  call can be closed with appropriate online support  to the end users or a part is required  to be delivered within the time schedule from our  nearest stocking location to customer across India.

RMA management does not end here, as it has to close the total transaction cycle starting from taking a part delivery advise from the call centre, deliver the part in time, collect defective part and return the defective part to the MNC or its repair vendor in India or abroad as the case may be to close the entire cycle of call/transaction.





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