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    Rolex Logistics limited liability company is a leading logistics services provider in the sub continent,providing IOR /EOR, RMA management services to the customers in India of MNCs since 1994.Warehousing and distribution networked geographically in strategic locations in most of the states in India.Achieving accuracy with speed in terms of delivering the spare parts to the customers on time, everytime, ensuring total customer satisfaction by providing edge over competation. Ximenia.
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    State of the art warehousing and distribution arrangements across India with the requisite registration and infrastructure to perform as per the SLA of the MNCs within the parameters of statutory compliance and simultaneously support the MNC in meeting TAT with their customers, rendering services to varied market segment including B2B and B2C with a proven track record of providing IOR/EOR , RMA management services to customers in India of major MNCs for over two decades. Rolex Logistics has carved a niche for itself in the logistics domain by going beyond traditional services offered by other logistics services providers. The template has styled support for all RokSprocket Layout modules.
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  • The Indian Logistics Industry is estimated at US$ 250 billion in 2020
  • Generated employment for 60 million people
  • The industry is expected to grow annually at the rate of 15- 20 %, reaching revenues of approximately $ 385bn  by 2015.
  • Highly Unorganized with organized sector responsible only for 9%
  • Market share of organized logistics players is also expected to double to approximately 18 % by 2020.


 - Country Head, Services, Compaq Computers India Pvt. Ltd.,.

To find a company who would provide international standard services to support our customers in India was a herculean task, but after partnering with Rolex Logistics being an Indian entity and not related to any MNC's could  deliver beyond our expectations thus enabling us to deliver services of global standard to our customer in India.

One of the greatest strength observed is that , they had closed all the calls every day with a Zero Back log and automated much ahead of many other logistics service providers.

It is appreciated that Rolex Logistics on their own put in significant efforts towards their documentation and record keeping process which is scientific and secured to meet Indian record keeping norms and to retrieve any document instantly.

- Country Head Services : American Power Conversion (India) Pvt Ltd.

Rolex Logistics provided bundle of services including Manpower outsourcing , facility management, billing and collection for AMCs Pan India and also meticulously operated our Test and Repair centre thus improving our TAT and reducing our Inventory carrying cost. And we recognised them as our most valued business partner. Being an Indian entity and not related to any MNCs could offer IOR/EOR service/ distribution service deliveries

Rolex Logistics were pioneers in offering IOR/EOR services which was pivotal in we rendering post sales part/unit support to our customers across SAARC countries.

- Country Head Services : Sun Microsystems India,.

Rolex Logistics has handled our inventory with 99.99 % accuracy consistently and meeting TAT with our customers on time , every time. Supported in setting up and operating remote satellite centres in key cities. Mission critical, time sensitive part delivery services including NFO for delivery at short notice has been handled meticulously.


Innovation and adaptation of technology has successfully transformed the enterprise into a logistics powerhouse. The enterprise has expanded its operations through a network of well-equipped offices and warehouses throughout the country to support the  mission critical and life critical application of its clients.

At the core of technology is Bar code numbering and scanning system in conjunction with international standards, which has enabled the enterprise to achieve the desired customer service levels.

Rolex Logistics


Rolex Logistics is the pioneer in providing Logistics Services to  Key Multinational Companies (MNCs ) in India, rendering an array of services including :


With state-of-the art facilities at its headquarter in Bangalore, the Company for the past 20 years has built a reputation for its unflinching dedication to provide Logistics Services to   MNCs through innovation, quick turnaround time , 24x7 support, and a strategic network of offices across the India partnering with International Lead Logistics Providers to extend leverage  benefits to its clients.

Rolex Logistics Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.

The Company has won recognition from fortune 500 Companies for redefining Logistics towards end to end Customer support services with Part replacements starting with Imports, Stocking, Customer Call management, Distribution, collection of defectives, Re-export or recycle through Quality Repair Vendors to close   “Total Transaction Cycle in India”  meeting all required statutory compliances.

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